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Efficient Geometry Querying for Interference Calculation

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Efficient Geometry Querying for Interference Calculation

References the interference calculations in this sample:


Do the interference calculations available through the API use any efficient Geometric Querying techniques. For example, you could quickly decide there is no interference between two bodies if their BoundingBox's don't intersect and you can isolate intersections by comparing bounding boxes on Lumps, shells, faces etc.


I'm asking because I want to efficiently find the bodies that are intersected by the results of a new Feature. I have to check it against all of the bodies in a model which is speed up if I treat the component hierarchy like a BVH but I don't want the calculation done twice ( when i traverse the BVH and when the API does the query).

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I don't know the specific details of how the interference calculation is done but I'm certain it is doing work to make the calculations as efficient as possible.  I'm confident in saying that it will calculate the intersections faster than you would be able to extract the geometry and build the data structures to do the calculations yourself.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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