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Dynamic features

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Dynamic features

Not sure I know all the proper technical terms. Let me describe what I want.
When I do most of the build in actions during design phase I have nice icon in the timeline. I can go back and do edit to those features and replay everything.
Now. Can I do this with API defined commands?
Simple example: I want my new commands to do circular holes equally distance on the selected face. For example I also want to define what is the distance.
So what I want to have in the end is go before this action in history, change size of the face replay everything and expect my script to handle new area/face.
+ I want to edit my feature at any moment and change the distance for example.
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API defined command can meet your requirements partially. You can probably create your command with selection input and value input in your script. When you launch your script, your command will be executed to prompt users select a face and give distance. Then you need programatically create hole and pattern it in a circle with equal distance in your script. You can refer to those script samples listed in "Scripts and Add-ins" dialog. 


Unfortunately we didn't provide the API functionality to edit the custom "feature" created by your command. You have to edit the holes one by one if there are multiple hole features in timeline. If you want the holes can response to the size change of "face", you have to build relationship between "face" and hole/circle for pattern. Usually we use "parameter" to represent the kind of relationship in Fusion 360.




Marshal Tu
Fusion 360 Developer
Autodesk, Inc.

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