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DXF Import Add-In - Text Not Importing

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DXF Import Add-In - Text Not Importing

So, unfortunately after years of users complaining Fusion 360 still does not import dimensions or text from AutoCAD for some bizarre reason.  Even basic CAD/CAM softwares have a way of converting texts and numbers to vectors with a click of a button.


Their work around is 'use the explode tool' but if you're an LT user like me, there is no explode tool.  After searching deep throughout the internet the only working work-around I have found is WMFOUT command in AutoCAD and then import the text back in with WMFIN and scale it, end up with a bunch of WMF files etc, it's literally a pain in the neck.


I was suggested by an Autodesk employee after complaining about this major inconvenience to try this 'DXF Import' add-in that supposedly imports text.  The add-in actually seemed pretty cool at first, but after failing to import my text, it lost it's coolness. I've attached the error I am receiving, it appears to be importing the lines/shapes but no text to be seen.


I am using the latest version of the add-in. Is anyone out there using this thing successfully for importing text?  Or has ANYONE out there discovered a way of importing texts besides the ways I've mentioned above??


It seems clear to me that if Autodesk themselves are totally ignoring and aren't going to fix this issue, then someone's going to have to take matters into their own hands and create a 'Import Text' which is totally absurd. Any tips appreciated....DXFTextError.JPG


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