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duplicate items in cloud (projects and files)

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duplicate items in cloud (projects and files)

Working on a data maintainer python script I have noticed that I accidentally have been able to create multiple projects with the same name.

Funny thing is that folders within the same project needs to have unique names.

And then again it seems to be possible to save several files with same  name within folder or project.


I would have expected to get thrown an exception at me when I tried to recreate an item that already existed. 


Is this behavior as expected? Any way to enable "must be unique" or should I just code my way around it with a check-before-write construct? 




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It's strange to me too, but this is just how Fusion works.  I knew it allowed duplicate names for files but I guess I hadn't tried projects before so that's new to me.  You'll see the same thing when working interactively with Fusion and the API is exposing the same functionality.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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