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DropDownCommand trouble

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DropDownCommand trouble

Hi All 😞


I though I had dropdown lists worked out.  but I was wrong.


I gave up on the groupradiobuttons for now and decided to use another dropdown list.\

I have these 4 dropdown controls.

inputs = command.commandInputs
_standard = inputs.addDropDownCommandInput('standard', 'Select Conuntry', adsk.core.DropDownStyles.TextListDropDownStyle)

_ringsizesAustralia = inputs.addDropDownCommandInput('ringsizeAustralia', 'Select Ring Size',       adsk.core.DropDownStyles.TextListDropDownStyle)
_ringsizesUSA = inputs.addDropDownCommandInput('ringsizeUSA', 'Select Ring Size', adsk.core.DropDownStyles.TextListDropDownStyle)
_profile = inputs.addDropDownCommandInput('profile', 'Select Ring Profile', adsk.core.DropDownStyles.TextListDropDownStyle)


_Standard has 2 list items, _ringsizesUSA  has 15 list items , _ringsizesAustralia has 18 list items and  _profile has 2 list items




now in my onexecute event handler I have ..


eventArgs = adsk.core.CommandEventArgs.cast(args)

# Get the root component of the active design.

if == 'USA':
     ringsizeinput =
     ringsize = USARINGSIZES[ringsizeinput]
     ringstandard =
elif == 'Australian':
    ringsizeinput =
    ringsize = OZRINGSIZES[ringsizeinput]
     ringstandard =
      ringsize = '20mm'
      ringstandard = 'Custom'


if == 'Half Circle':
     _selectedprofile = 1
elif == 'Full Circle':
     _selectedprofile = 2
     _selectedprofile = 0



The first group of if,elif,else statements work fine, I have no trouble working with the selected items

But when I try to work with the _profile dropdown list I get a 


if == 'Half Circle': : AtributeError : 'NoneType' has no attribute 'selectedItem'

Most of the code was copy and paste  😞  what am I doing wrong?  


Cheers, Stephen



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I don't see anything obviously wrong with the snippet you've posted.  Unless someone can see something I don't, I'd suggest posting the whole script, or at least as much of it as you are able.  It looks like _profile hasn't been initialized, so your problem is more likely to be the snippet where it is defined/declared (does it have the right scope?)/initialized/retrieved than where you actually call _profile.selectedItem.



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in reply to: p.seem

I'll post my code, but it's ugly, real ugly  😉  I haven't coded in 30 years and that was  straight C on an embedded 80186 🙂 .  


Any help would be most appreciated  🙂


Cheers, Stephen

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Don't worry about ugly, that's what this forum is all about.  I've been coding for 20 years straight and my code is still ugly.


I confess I haven't tried to run your code so I might be wrong, but it looks like the problem is in SingleStoneRingPressedEventHandler.  On the line (198) where you declare your global variables, you've left _profile off the list.  So the "_profile" variable that create and populate in that function is a local one, and not the same as the "_profile" you are accessing in ringDialogOKEventHandler.  


I hope that helps?



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