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Double angle custom thread.

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Double angle custom thread.

Double Angle threads.pngDouble Angle threads.pngI would like to define some custom threads that have two different angles. not the 60/2 or 29. I need something like 60 on one side of the thread and 30 on the other side of the thread.


I am familiar with the xml editing, but will fusion require special syntax to define two angles?


The obvious choices did not work.

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I think you'll have better luck posting this question in the Fusion design forum since this is a question about how a design-related function works.  This forum is specific to the programming interface so someone on the other forum is more likely to know the answer and see your question.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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I think it is in the right forum,


Does the application have a way of interpreting XML  to use top angle and bottom angle, rather than a single angle?

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Hi @alingreceaEGKV7 .


In the past, I have only tried a little, but I remember that the XML file for custom thread was defined with three settings: "Major diameter", "Pitch diameter", and "Minor diameter".


I used this site. 


I don't think it is possible to create uneven custom thread, probably because of the above reasons.
If you want to create a shape, I think the only way is to create it by sweeping.

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I was trying by sweeping but then Is not reusable or repeatable,

I feel autodesk should introduce this functionality that can be done with
xml editing.

Thanks for the response.

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