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Does the API allow for creating custom toolpaths?

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Does the API allow for creating custom toolpaths?

I looked through the documentation but it doesn't seem like I can create a custom machining operation.


I see API for accessing and seeing the status of operations, but nothing for creating them.


Is there a way I can create my own toolpaths? I have ideas to create toolpaths for broaching, plunge roughing, and some others.


If you right-click on an operation, and click "view toolpath", you can see that everything is just a list of commands. I also see that you can create "Manual NC" operations, but it doesn't look like you can do more than 1 line of code, or see it simulated



Chad Krause

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It does not, sorry. I think there are long term plans to expose more of the API, but I don't think it's moved beyond that stage

Seth Madore
Customer Advocacy Manager - Manufacturing

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