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Is anyone able to explain the purpose of the 'visible' argument in the routine?  The help file says "Specifies if the document should be opened visibly or not." But I can't see any difference in the result whether I use, False)

or, True)

(where myFile is a fusion 360 design file) .


In either case the new model opens up in a new tab, and becomes the active document.


Thanks for your feedback.

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in reply to: p.seem

The intent of that argument is that the document should open but not be visible in the UI.  I know that this wasn't originally possible but we still added the argument with the intent that it would be available and then it wouldn't require a change to support it.  I know some work has been done to support this but apparently it's not finished yet because I just verified that both the open and add methods both will result in a visible document.  Actually the add method fails with a "not implemented" failure.


So this capability is still a work in progress and the current problem is that the documentation should indicate that only a value of True is current supported.  I'll get it updated for the update in November.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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