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Defining mass of a component

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Defining mass of a component

I'm working on some parametric models where masses and CG locations are crucial, and I figured it would be helpful to be able to assign masses to objects. I am facing some roadblocks and hoping to find some guidance.


The current workaround I'm using is based off on this tutorial, however since the objects are parametric, there might be situations where I would like to change sizes but have masses remain constant.


I think this approach may help with that -


1. Working off on the script posted by Marshaltu's post here (which finds the volume of a body), I want to be able to record the volume in the parameter table.

2. Using a user-entered parameter of the supposed mass of the component, calculate the supposed average density of the object as a new parameter.

3. Using this parameter, update the density in the component's material property (similar to the youtube tutorial i mentioned above). I found this to be not possible. There's a picture attached with what I'm attempting to do, but the values change back to initial numerical values once I click outside the box

Image 1.jpg



Is this a feasible approach?

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Did you get a solution?

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Volume is computed by Fusion, using the model. Mass is then computed using the density of the material assigned to the body and the volume. So, you can modify the mass by changing the density of the associated material.


The center of gravity is defined using the model, and it's impossible to define it explicitly. I know some other software, like Inventor, allows you to override the computed physical properties of a part. This is useful in cases where the manufacturer provides the physical properties, and you're representing the part using a simplified model but want the calculations to be accurate. This currently is not possible with Fusion.



Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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