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Debugging profiles in 3d sketch

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Debugging profiles in 3d sketch

I am using the python API to make a 3d sketch representing a certain segment of a sphere. The idea is to later create a body using a surface patch and then a thicken operation. The issue I am facing is that my sketch seems to be well made with all the lines creating a loop, however, there is no profile created. Is there a way to debug why there is no profile created in a sketch?


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Figured it out. No profiles are created due to the fact that not all the points are on the same plane. Turns out that for creating a Patch feature, a profile is not needed. In addition to this, I was trying to manually create a Patch feature in the UI to test out my geometry. I was doing a click and drag group select of all my curves but it seems that it was only selecting a couple of them but highlighting all of them as if they were selected. I then manually selected all curves for the Patch feature and it worked.

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