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De-bug works only once with vs code

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De-bug works only once with vs code

Hi -I am having a problem with de-bugging in VS Code. I am having to shut down Fusion 360 after every de_bug attempt.

I have used the de-bug dropdown in the API but have read that this is no longer necessary since Oct 18? Sometimes it will go green on the first line and i can proceed to breakpoints etc, sometimes i have to start the de-bugger with F5 but always only for 1 instance and then a shut down of Fusion. I am sure that there is a problem with my code (I am not very experienced) but thought that is what the de-bug mode was to highlight? also there are no errors on the bottom bar, which turns amber. Regards Paul

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Hi @paul.slaterMZZFE ,

If you are facing this issue with specific script, please share the same so that I will take a look in to it. You can try with some basic sample scripts.
Also If you attach the screen shots that will be great.

Mean while you can refer to following issue where new extension is creates problem for debugging 

1. API debugger doesn't work after Oct 2019 update

If you are facing same issue Solutions provided by @goyals will work for you. click here to Go to Solution.


Nilesh Mohite

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