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Custom tool path points using API?

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Custom tool path points using API?

The Python API lets you create setups and ops, which is great. Is it possible to go further and even supply a tool path via the API? E.g. calculate path points (and feeds and speeds etc...) by some means outside of fusion and insert an op in fusion with exactly these path points?


In the end, I would like to build a workflow something like this: I run a script in fusion. It creates a setup with a bunch of ops and full tool paths automatically. These toolpaths were computed by a python code outside of fusion. I inspect them in the fusion gui and decide I like some of the paths and dislike others. The ops I like I just keep. For the ones I dislike, I just delete the op in fusion and "manually" create a better op by pressing the right buttons in the fusion gui.

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Hi @janHUUUQ -San.


Basically, the CAM API only calls the functions that exist in the GUI programmatically, so it should not be possible to add new functions.

The only possibility, which I have not tried, is to create a 3D sketch line using externally obtained path points to create a trace.


I am not sure if this is realistic or not.

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Thanks! In theory that should work, in practice I hit issues, like sketches with >1000 points are slow etc.

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