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Criteria for connected curves?

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Criteria for connected curves?

What are the criteria that Fusion uses recognize that SketchCurves are connected/joined to each other?


I currently have a set of SketchFittedSplines and SketchLines with CoincidentConstraints set between all of them (they are all in the same sketch), and would like to offset them altogether.   I am having trouble using sketch.findConnectedCurves (equivalent to 'Chain Selection' in the UI?) to select multiple curves.

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I don't have an answer for you, however I believe I might have had a similar issue in the past. I couldn't find a solution and I ended up creating a collection for all lines using the same start/end point. 

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Thanks!  I still haven't figured out what exactly makes Fusion think that the curves are connected.  I just selected all the curves bordering the profile and offset them (inwards).  Strangely, I am able to chain select the curves in the result of the offset, just not before the offset.

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