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Creating geometry with expressions?

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Creating geometry with expressions?

I'm creating a sketch in an add-in.   I've got a dialog where I ask for either a value or a parameter name. 



1) I create a parameter in fusion called myDiameter.


2) I run my Add-in,

3) display a menu of parameter names and select myDiameter. 

4) I want to create a circle whose radius is always myDiameter/2.   That is, after I run the add-in, I want the size of the circle to update when I change the value of myDiameter.


How do I do this in python?


Ideally I'd just like the same sort of field in my dialog box that native fusion 360 dialogs have where I could type or use units etc etc.   but this is what I've got at the moment.

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The ValueCommandInput object is intended for precisely what you've described. In practice, you'll have one of these in your dialog, and the user can enter whatever they want as the expression to control the circle's diameter. You don't need to care what they enter because the command input will validate it and make sure it's a valid expression. You'll get the string representing the expression, create the circle, and add a diameter dimension to control it. Once the diameter dimension is created, you can get the parameter it's dependent on and set its expression to be what was entered in the value command input.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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