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Creating custom mesh

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Creating custom mesh

Is there a way to create a custom mesh (programmatically generated points and faces)?


I'm trying to create an enveloping worm gear and after struggling with the UI for a while I decided it might be easier to make a mesh with code. Is there a way to make a custom mesh using the api?

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I'm fairly positive you can.  There are a couple scripts built-in to Fusion 360 already that demonstrate creating mechanical parts via using the API.  I've recently been attempting doing something similar and the Programming Interface section has been helpful.  I wish I could be more help!


- Brad

Brad Anderson Jr
Fusion 360 Hobbyist
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It depends on what your definition of "mesh" is.  If it's a triangle or polygon mesh, then it will be possible.  If it's a T-Spline model then it's not possible because the API doesn't currently expose T-Spline capabilities.  For a triangle or polygon mesh, the approach will be to create the mesh you want as either an STL or OBJ file and then use that to create a new mesh body.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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