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creating a building pattern

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creating a building pattern

hi i made this tower of triangles created by copy pasting the previous peace rotating 2.5 degrees and moving it up 2mm.


my question is can I automate this pattern I manually need to do for each piece?


is there a function that allows me to set a pattern where I can choose x amount of components laying x away from each other in X,Y or Z direction and rotating x amount of degrees from the component previous in the pattern? and that I can go back to and change the values for not having to do so for each and every piece 

Skärmavbild 2017-08-14 kl. 12.39.32.png

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Can you please refer the solution in the below post which shows copying multiple times of a selected body in model X direction :

Also, please refer the solution of the post which demonstrates the rotation of selected body by 45 degrees around the model X axis and then 45 degrees around the model Y axis :

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