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Create array with id bRepFaces and save it in model fusion 360

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Create array with id bRepFaces and save it in model fusion 360

Hello. I need create array with ID bRepFaces and save it in model fusion 360. It is need to call this array later, and to get ID's if even
Fusion 360 will be reopened. What kinds of way to realize it? Can I add attributes to bRepFaces?
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Entities don't have a persistent ID, so there's nothing to save.  The only exception to that are things that have a name, like features and joints, but they can be renamed by the user so the name isn't completely reliable.  However, with the update that's going out today, Fusion now supports attributes.  Attributes let you add information to any entity, include B-Rep entities.  With this you can add an attribute to any face you want to find later so it should let you accomplish what you're trying to do.  There's a section in the updated help that will also go out later today about attributes. I've already uploaded the chm version that you can access here:


Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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looking forward to trying attributes

Matt Wynn
Senior Manager, Software Development, Fusion Fabrication
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Thank you for a detailed explanation

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