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create a new cam feature with the fusion360 api?

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create a new cam feature with the fusion360 api?



can someone answer me my question, if or how i can create a new feature with api to
do something like the transfer feature for Fusion360 CAM?

between the spindle transfer and the clamping are some movements to make,

but all i can do is move the subspindle to the part and then over the part to clamp.

the programming solutions on fanuc and dmg mori are way more flexible.


maybe there is a way to do this on fusion 360 cam, but i haven't found any examples or posts in

wehter the forum or google.

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Hi @infoSKGDL .


Currently, it is possible to create a new operation by creating and loading a template in advance.

A sample can be found here. 


We are not aware of any other way to create a new operation.

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