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Crashes when opening f2d files using palette

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Crashes when opening f2d files using palette

Hi there.


I am using Palette and want to open an f2d file from HTMLEvent, but I am having trouble with Fusion360 crashing.


The add-in for the attached file was created using the new add-in template.
Therefore, there are many files.
Please forgive the lack of completeness as I created it to reproduce the phenomenon.


When you start the add-in, two buttons are added to UTILITIES_ADD-INS.
The red one is created in a dialog and the blue one uses a palette.



Both commands are made to open the f3d file and the associated f2d file.
Both commands use "" to open the f2d file, so the process of opening the file itself is exactly the same.



Steps to reproduce.

  • Create an f3d file, create and save the body text.
  • Next, create and save an f2d file based on the f3d file.
  • Close the f2d file.

Execute the command in this state.

The commands in the dialog will open the f2d file without any problems, but the commands in the palette will always crash.
Also, although not done in this sample, f3d files can be opened with no problem using the palette.


I don't know what to do to fix this problem.
I cannot determine if this is a bug or not.





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