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ConstructionPlanes redimensioning and rotating around axis

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ConstructionPlanes redimensioning and rotating around axis


I am a new Autodesk Fusion 360 user and I started experimenting with the API for an internship project I am working on ! My question is regarding the ConstructionPlanes. Is there a way to redimension the plane in a similar way as in the user interface where you can simply drag each side of the plane with the cursor ? Perhaps I would need to create the ConstructionPlane with the desired dimensions (length and width) in the first place ?

Also, I would like to rotate it around an axis. Is this possible ?

Thank you,


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Construction Planes are treated internally as infinite. This doesn't work very good in the UI because you need to visualize their position and select them so they are shown as having a size, but this is artificial and doesn't mean anything other than the display. However, the API does support getting and setting the display size. You can use the ConstructionPlane.displayBounds property.


You can also think of a construction plane as defining a coordinate system. For most purposes, the only thing that is used from this coordinate system is the position of the X-Y plane of the coordinate system. You can get this coordinate system using the ConstructionPlane.transform property. You'll need this to set the size because the size is defined with respect to the X-Y plane of the coordinate system of the construction plane.



Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Great ! This helped me solve my first problem of the ConstructionPlane dimensions. Thank you for the quick reply.


I am now left with figuring out the rotation of the plane around its normal axis.

The code I have so far in attempt to rotate my ConstructionPlane is :


double angle = 0.34;

Ptr<Vector3D> lNormal1 = lOrigin->vectorTo( lNormal );


Ptr<Matrix3D> matrix = Matrix3D::create();

bool hasWorked1 = matrix->setToRotation( angle, lNormal1, lOrigin );
if ( !hasWorked1 )
std::cout << "Not Working";


bool hasWorked2 = lPlaneEntity2->transform( matrix );    // <----- This line isn't working
if ( !hasWorked2 )
std::cout << "Not Working";

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If the construction plane is parametric you can't edit the transform. That's because its position and orientation are parametrically controlled by the geometry the plane is dependent on. It is possible to edit the position and orientation of a construction plane created in a non-parametric design. A workaround in a parametric design is to first create a base feature and then create the construction plane in the base feature. Whatever is in the base feature is not parametric, so in this case, you can edit the position and orientation of the construction plane, but it also means the construction plane will not recompute to changes in the model.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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