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constructionPlane.displayBounds issue

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constructionPlane.displayBounds issue

Hi all,


I'm trying to create a construction plane using the API, and I am stumbling across a strange behavior...


Here is what I do:

1) Create an adsk.core.Plane instance, using the "createUsingDirections" method

2) I then use that plane as input for the constructionPlaneInput.setByPlane method

3) Eventually the construction plane is created, with the expected origin and orientation.


Once this is done, I want to resize it by changing its display bounds 


The strange behavior I am seeing is that if the construction plane is parallel to either the XY, XZ or YZ planes, changing the display bounds works perfectly - the width and height of the plane is set to the expected value.


On the other hand, for construction planes that are neither parallel to either the XY, XZ or YZ planes, changing the display bounds set the width to the expected value, but not the height, which I find very odd.


Does anyone know what is going on here ?


Attached is a zipped python sample that reproduces both behaviors.


Thanks in advance


Jean-Marc Langlois

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I just noticed that in my attached python scripty, the most important statement was commented out :


boundingBox = adsk.core.BoundingBox2D.create( minPoint, maxPoint )

#constructionPlane.displayBounds = boundingBox



Obviously it needs to be uncommented !

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