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Construction Plane -Parallel to Plane Coincident to Point

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Construction Plane -Parallel to Plane Coincident to Point

Good Day!

I am the unofficial Fusion 360 evangelist at my company and as such, I was talking with a colleague about the software.  He had a gripe about creating construction planes parallel to one plane that were coincident to a point or vertex.  Similar to this Idea Station request.  

I have never a created a script or add-in but would love to try.  I envision adding an option to select a face or plane to be parallel with and then secondly,  a line, point, vertex, etc. to be coincident with that is driven parametrically.  Adding an offset angle would be icing on the cake.


I would love to hear thoughts from more experienced folks if this type of Add-in would be possible.




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It's not possible to define a new type of construction plane if you want the result to be parametric. You can see in the user-interface, the different ways you can create a new construction plane. That's all that Fusion 360 currently supports. The API just provides the ability to automate the creation of those same construction planes.  With each of those construction planes you define various inputs and if those inputs change, the construction plane will automatically update.  It is possible to create a non-parametric construction plane at any location you want that isn't dependent on other geometry.  This is possible in either a direct-edit model or in a base feature in a parametric model.  In this case, you could do whatever computations you need to figure out the position of the desired construction plane and then create it at the location.  If the model updates, the construction plane will be unaffected and stay in the same location.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Thanks for the thorough reply Brian!

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