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ComponentList object - explanation please ?

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ComponentList object - explanation please ?

Seeking assistance:


Can someone explain the ComponentList object to me ... and how it differs from the Components object ? There are a bunch of other ....List objects - so I assume they are all similar.


It appears like I can create a transient ComponentList object (say - a collection of components extracted from the design that match certain criteria) - and rather than traverse the main design to extract data, I could work on the transient ComponentList object (say to extract a bunch of data and output to a file).


If I am anywhere close to correct - can someone provide an example ? (to be clear - I have already developed scripts that do this ... I was just playing around with different approaches).



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Hi @gvisca44 .


A ComponentList object is a collection of Component objects, which can be retrieved with the item method. 


I think the ComponentList object may be obtained by the return value of a method with a property, but I could not find the situation in which it could be obtained.


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