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Can the Fusion API be linked to a webshop to change parametric designs?

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Can the Fusion API be linked to a webshop to change parametric designs?

For my furniture business I have many parametric designs that I use to make design drawings. When an new order is send (via email/webshop) I manually changes the parameters in the design. After updating the drawing file, the drawing can be printed. Business is going well and I finding myself spending more and more time preparing my drawings. Would it be possible to use the Fusion API to link the designs to my webshop? With the idea that a new drawing is created with the updated designs dimensions that from a specific customer order.

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The API is intended to be used by Python or C++ code running from within Fusion. It's not possible to directly call the API from an external process. However, there are possible workarounds that some people have experimented with. Mainly you have to have an add-in running inside Fusion, and you create a mechanism to support communication between that add-in and some external process. There is nothing in the API to support, so it's up to you to figure a solution that works for your situation. I know it's been briefly discussed on here in the past, but I don't think anyone got into deep details of a solution.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Hi @maarten.bakuwel ,

Did you solved it already?

I was able to develop a component that could help you with this.

Email me if you're interested on it.



Jorge Jaramillo



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