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can't open scripts and add in window

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can't open scripts and add in window

Hello, for two days now, when I try to click scripts and add on or via ctrl-s nothing opens and I can't select anything until I click escape. If you have any clue to make it work again, thank you very much.

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Brian's solution to a similar problem:

API Script Editor Problem

may be useful

Try backing up to the previous Python version

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Hi @vivienmaelceleri ,


If you have multiple monitors, it may be the result of changing your monitors configurations. For example if you had two monitors and the last time that you used Add-Ins dialog, you moved it to your 2nd monitor and now you have one monitor, the coordinates of the dialog box is out of your monitor. By pressing escape key you actually close the dialog box.


If it is the case try to play with your monitor configuration or display settings. If you have detached a monitor, attach it again.


If you are using Windows you can try the following steps for Add-In Dialog box:

  1. Click the Scrips and Add-Ins button
  2. Press ALT + Space to open the window menu of the dialog box (You can not see it - it is out of your display)
  3. Press M to activate the move command of the window menu
  4. Use your left and right arrow keys to try to bring the dialog box to your view



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Hi @vivienmaelceleri 

You can also clear the local user cache in Fusion 360, but because you can not undo it, be cautious. As far as I know the position and size of Scripts and Add-Ins dialog is among local user cache data.



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thank you very much for your answer

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