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Camera API terminate acvite command

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Camera API terminate acvite command

When i move camera using camera api from add-ins (from custom event) - currently active command terminated. How i can prevent this behaviour and keep active command.
For example: i draw cube - UI wait for me to input height of cube, in this time i change viewport using camera api - UI finish command with out my solution about height of cube

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For the addin I'm developping, I move the camera using buttons on a custom palettes which allows me not to interrupt the current command. If you are activating this movement through a Command Definition, Fusion will stop the curent command to move the camera as only a single CommandDefinition can be active at a time. However, I do not know of any way to make Fusion pause the currently active command then come back to it when creating a CommandDefinition through an addin (like the OrbitCommand behaves for example).

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thank you for explanation how commands work in fusion 360
i copy-paste code from other source and first command in my custom event was be - execution of selectCommand
and this command break original command
Now i can rotate camera without breaking active command

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