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C++ Opening the Tool UI and recording the Tool selected for later use.

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C++ Opening the Tool UI and recording the Tool selected for later use.



I'm working on some CAM scripts to speed up the parts programming process and I've hit a block. I went through the reference data for the APIs and can't seem to find anything relating to tooling other than path verification. What I really need is the ability to call up a tool through the script as a var, and then use it later on down the line. Essentially what I need is something along the lines of:



{ui.messagebox ("Select roughing tool");

    ui.opentoollibrary (get selected tool=tool1);


    ui.opentoollibrary (get selected tool=tool2);

    toolarray=(tool1, tool2);


if {( == NULL or ( == NULL};

then {ui.messagebox "No Tools Selected!"};

else //continue program to generate toolpaths along the selected areas.



(Please excuse any language mixup I'm having here, its mostly concept speak and its probably not pure C++ because of it)

Also if you have a better way of going about doing this I am open to suggestions.


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The CAM API is currently very limited and what you want to do is not possible.  Because it's the CAM team that is responsible for the CAM API, it would be best to post your request in the CAM forum or the Idea Station.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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