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Bugs in IntegerSpinnerInput

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Bugs in IntegerSpinnerInput

I found a couple of bugs in the IntegerSpinnerCommandInput:


First, I tried to change the maximumvalue after I used the contructor. This resulted in no change in the maximumvalue when I tested the code. 

            Change maximumValue.PNG


Then I wondered if I could just leave out the rest code in the constructor and not provide it with a maximum value but that wasn't an option.

The reason I found this bug was because I wanted to have a spinner without a maximum value, but I was unable to achieve that as well.


The second issue I found might not be on purpose. The spinner will change the value to 1 below the previous valid value, when the user has entered a value above the maximum value and use the arrow down. Is there a reason for not going to the maximum value? That seems more intuitive to me.


The third one is not a bug, but if anyone have an explanation as to why one cannot raise the value with each mouse click if one click too fast. It is by no means a problem I just wondered why.



- Erik

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Thanks for reporting these bugs.


For the first issue, the maximumvalue is a readonly property. Currently the value range of a spinner command input cannot be modified after creation.


For the second issue, I think it is an Fusion UI behavior, not an API issue. You can post your what you want at Fusion 360 IdeaStation here:

Fusion may change current behavior in the future if most people like this idea.


For the third issue, I don't have a good explanation now. Hopefully someone else may know more about it.


Zhongyang Chen
Fusion 360 API Developer

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