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[BUG] UserInterface.allToolbarPanels does not yield ALL panels.

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[BUG] UserInterface.allToolbarPanels does not yield ALL panels.

Hey, me again. I have been making an improved ui to file command when i noticed that some of the panels under quite a few workspaces were referencing an object that I did not already have by using ui.allToolbarPanels. I wrote a quick script and sure enough, many panels are included under workspaces but are not returned by ui.allToolbarPanels.


To investigate the problem, i created a script that output a list of all panels and then all workspaces with their panels that are not included in the list of all panels. The code is:



	def CheckProduct(obj:adsk.core.Workspace):
		try: return obj.toolbarPanels and (obj.productType != '')
		except: return False #Tying to get its panels can throw an error

	def TryGet(collection):
		for I in range(len(collection)):
				colItem = collection.item(I)
				if not isinstance(colItem, (adsk.core.Workspace,adsk.core.ToolbarTab)) or CheckProduct(colItem):
					yield colItem

	allPanels = [ for panel in TryGet(ui.allToolbarPanels)]
	validWorkspaces = [workspace for workspace in TryGet(ui.workspaces)]
	allWorkspacePanels = { [ for panel in TryGet(workspace.toolbarPanels)
																		if not in allPanels]
																			for workspace in validWorkspaces}
		'All Panels':allPanels, 
		'Workspace Panels':allWorkspacePanels}))



The code will create a list of all panel id's from ui.allToolbarPanels. Next it will iterate over each valid workspace, and create a list of all of its panels which are not in the ui.allToolbarPanels list. Lastly, it stores the id of the workspace and its panel ids in a dictionary and combines that in a list with the list of all panels which is converted into a string and output in a ui messagebox because I can copy that output, put it into vsCode, and treat it as json data to format it.


You can see the output in a gist i posted.

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