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BUG - New CAM Tool Library Export/Import and fx handling

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BUG - New CAM Tool Library Export/Import and fx handling



i want to develop a small python tool to update/calculate the feed rates for different materials (under Cutting Data).


1`) i exported the tool lib as a .tsv file (i was curious how structured data was going to be represented in a spread sheet). For one of my tools I renamed the "Default preset" to "Hardwood. Looking into the .tsv file "Hardwood" does not appear. When importing the .tsv file, Hardwood was replaced by "Default preset". So .tsv does not seem to be way to proceed.


2) I exported the tool lib as a .json file. Looks good, Hardwood appears in file and when restoring the file, the Hardwood appears in Cutting Data. This seems the way to go.


3) Fields that appear as fx in the data entry for Cutting Data, are exported as numbers as opposed to the formulae that can be seen for the field.


4) fx fields can be overriden by a number or formulae  (ie: tool_feedCutting/2) the changed expression is lost after accepting the changes and going back to verify the formulae, just the result is saved


So to summarize the issues:


1) .tsv looses the  name of the Cutting Data preset, ie goes back to Default. Also only exports the first preset


2) .fx fields are exported as numeric values and not as the formulae. Additionally if one modifies the formulae, only the calculated  result appears to be saved after accepting.


otherwise, pretty cool interface, much better/clearer to configure than some other cam programs.




attached files of the same database in different output format. (as a zip file)

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