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Bolt Generator add-in

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Bolt Generator add-in

Hi everybody,


I'm glad to share my new add-in for fusion 360 for the community.

I know there is McMamster-Carr for content centre items, but if found it really hard if I have multiple bolts in multiple locations. I have to copy each bolt to a new location and add joints, so let's say you have 20 socket head bolts and another 20 round head bolts , that will be a cumbersome task to insert all these items one by one.

Also if you are working offline then of course you can not do that!

Then why fusion doesn't have his own library, that's easy to insert and position? such as content center in Inventor or ToolBox in Solidworks.

Here is my approach to solve this problem:


Screenshot 2018-11-14 at 19.26.47.png




This Bolt generator is an easy way to insert different types of bolts (Sockethead- round-button-countersink-...) and in Metric and imperial(inch) standard.

what's make this more useful it's fully customisable you can change the sizes or order of libraries to suite your needs.

the add-in build on using xml files which is very easy to edit.



I tried to keep things really simple so no fancy buttons nor images ( trying to keep up with fusion theme).

the program works on both Windows and Mac





Check the add-in page in Fusion 360 App Store :


 you can visit my page:

This is a continuous work, so there will be an addition for washers and nuts in the next version, the app was built to be easily expanded.


Support Information

Any issues found, or extra help needed on Library editing please use the following link:

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Nice App

Thanks & Regards,
MohammedAzim Shaikh

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in reply to: masounmardini

Exactly how we want this to work! 😄 

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in reply to: masounmardini

Are you still developing this?

I'm interested but would need nuts and washers as well.

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in reply to: Garret_H

Hi Garret, Actually I'm working on it, All washer are  almost done, the nuts are on the to-do list, but the progress is not as I wished.

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in reply to: masounmardini

Hmmm.. I tried to install and run the PC version and wasn't able to use it:


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in reply to: Garret_H

Please check the issue page on github there some modifications in Fusion 360 some API instructions are changed

check the the issues and problems 

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Hi @masounmardini 


Great Add-In, this is exactly what I'm looking to use in my joinery company.


Have you got an up to date version of this Add-In? It is no longer compatible with the most recent version of Fusion 360.



Keep up the good work. 👍



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