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Biesse Skill 1536 Post Processor for Fusion

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Biesse Skill 1536 Post Processor for Fusion

Hey Everyone, 


It's been awhile which is a good thing..but recently I've been put on task to start programming a Biesse Skill 1535 G FT and I've heard bad things about Biesse as far as programming/software end of things go. But that was years ago and I assumed I would just download a post and like any other machine plug in the G-code and start running parts but boy was I wrong.


First thing I noticed was the machine runs off of BiesseWorks and the guy on the floor is literally taking the AutoCAD dxf and programming it with the BiesseWorks on the floor of the shop on the CNC controller??  The most bizarre thing I've ever seen. I also read last night Biesse has purposely taken liberty to make obtaining their post-processors hard to get a hold of, and won't license or let certain CAM/CAD programs use their posts. 


Anyway, to make a long story short, I am trying to get a post written for the Skill 1536 G FT so I can use Fusion 360 to program the machine so it's not just a giant paperweight.  The other half of the battle I was hoping someone could fill me in on was how do I now get the controller, that's using 'BiesseWorks' to run the machine to import the code to run the file.  From what the operator on the floor told me, the machine will only open .DXF files, but I read last night something about CIX formats which I wasn't sure was some sort of file extension or what. Seems to me, this is all just a ploy to try you to get to buy their CAM softwares and not use reputable 3rd party CAM programs.


I did find a 'Generic Biesse' post on the Fusion 360 library, but apparently from the little research I did, these machines have completely different posts per machine model. And even if I downloaded it, i'm not even sure how BiesseWorks would open the code. I've programmed a fair amount of machines, Centroids, Technos, Onsruds, DIY and I've never had an issue like this? Any help with any of this stuff is greatly appreciated


Thanks ahead of time, 

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Think this should have been posted in the manufacturing forum, gonna post there if an admin could delete this that would be great. 

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