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Behavior of SelectionCommandInput

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Behavior of SelectionCommandInput

I'm confused about the way the SelectionCommandInput works.


With the selectionLimits are set to single-select, you can start your selection with an object (eg. occurrence) in the browser or in the viewport. If you then want to select another object, you can select the object in the viewport but not in the browser.


I don´t have to post my code here because you can try it on the UI command "New component". You can change the selection for "parent" by clicking on objects in the viewport but not in the browser.


new component.PNG


Is this "as designed"?


Edit/Addendum: same problem described here (no solution)change-select-by-mouse

single-select (limits 1,1) => no selection in browser

multi-select (limits 0,0) => selection in browser

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Hi Mr.Steinbach,


If the issue is real I would live with it ... unless others are fixed.

Nevertheless, one must recognize that selection pallets in Browser and ViewPort are different. They overlap but are limited to their abilities. Additionally, SelectionFilters play their contextual role too.

I checked what you described and when UI selection filter pallet is limited to Components only  (I have not checked other combinations as there are too many )  and everything went smoothly. Have Developers360 omitted an entity type filter? 


Concerning your code, consider checking :  SelectionInput.addSelectionFilter('what')







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