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Batch models for identical but different sized (H&W Only) products.

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Batch models for identical but different sized (H&W Only) products.

I build windows for historic properties. In any given project the windows are typically identical except for height and width. I need to generate shop drawings for each window size for each client. 

I'm working on using CSV files to populate user parameters (via ParametersI/O addin). I can envision this working well for each window size but some clients have only two different sizes and others have as many as 12 different sizes. Can I somehow automate generating 2D shop drawings in batches or am I going to have to go through the steps to make shop drawings one window at a time? 

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Hi @wbhburn 

I think there isn't any ready to use solution and you will need a custom-made addin to automate the whole process for multiple windows.

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So where can I get a custom solution?
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If you are familiar with programming and you are familiar with Fusion 360 API (or eager to learn it), perhaps you can write a custom add-in yourself.

Otherwise I suggest posting more detailed specification of your desired solution with some sample images here or to other forums. There may be developers who like to work with you to create a solution.

You can also contact developers and companies who can write custom programs to automate your workflows. The only company that I know is Ekins Solutions founded by @BrianEkins  (the original designer of Fusion 360 API and Inventor API). But there should be other developers and companies who can do the job.

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