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Batch exporter for bringing Assembly and joints into Blender

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Batch exporter for bringing Assembly and joints into Blender

I want an automatic way to bring my Fusion Assembly, complete with joints, into Blender. I realize this would be technically challenging, but perhaps someone with experience in both Fusion API and Blender API could suggest possible approaches? An early example would not need to be able to copy over all the joint types, perhaps rigid, rotational, slider and cylindrical for starters? In my project, I have a cable chain assembly that is bogging the system down (understandably, with so many joints present in it). If I could bring it into blender, I could make a nice animation without taxing the engine, etc. And if I could do this using some kind of batch-converter, that would represent a serious leap in Fusion's value proposition as the basis for animating and simulating mechanical systems like mechanisms, machines, gearboxes, etc, you get the gist.


I guess one would begin with an understanding of the joint primitives of each, and try to find the common denominators, if there are any.

One would also have to deal with opening each component and mapping the joint locations and orientation into the Blender equivalent, assuming such could be found.


My Fusion 360 DIY Cable Chain Model, A360

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It sounds like an interesting project.  I would guess that there's enough API to get what you need out of Fusion.  Unfortunately I don't know anything about Blender so I can't comment on whether there's a reasonable match in methodology so that it's possible to do a translation.  I would hope so but I don't know.  It would be a fun thing to investigate and work on though.  We all just need more time. Smiley Happy

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog
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Agreed. I just started doing tutorials to learn the API myself, and I can appreciate its complexity more. 

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