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Bank of bolts profiles for 3DP parts

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Bank of bolts profiles for 3DP parts



I recently used an old Ipad mini as a streamdeck with touch portal.

I have created a list of buttons (icons from F360) for the most common tools used in F360. The ipad is recognized as a keyboard and each icon send a shortcut used in F360. It started more as a gimmick but now I find it more and more convenient.


I would like to go further and create a list of ISO bolt profiles to design a footprint in which I can place a bolt after the 3d model is 3d printed.

I realize that I spend a lot of time to measure a bolt to draw the polygon at the right size.


Touch portal allow me to trigger the circumscribbed polygon tool and then key in the dimension. Unfortunatly it does not work because the mouse must move after the first click which select the center of the polygon and then dimension can be key-in. Touch portal does not propose to move the mouse.


Do you think a script could be the solution? A script drawing a polygon to a certain dimension in a sketch and then a shortcut triggers this script?


Hope you can support.







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What you're doing is interesting but I'm not seeing any way to tie this in with the API. You said the way it works is it mimicks the keyboard and sends shortcut keys to invoke the commands. Currently, Fusion doesn't support customization of the shortcut keys which means you only have access to the functionality that already has a keyboard shortcut associated with it. What we need is the ability to associate a keyboard shortcut with a custom command.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Yes your'e right. Finally I found a work around. A first button to start the drawing, I click with the mouse to select the location ( and start drawing the figure) and a second button to enter the size and validate automatically.


My ipad mini was totally useless for the past few years (not even able to open a web page anymore), at least now with an app which cost few bucks I can use it again.


Thanks for your feedback and I hope it can give some ideas to others.






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