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Automate the process of creating geometry with a batch scritp

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Automate the process of creating geometry with a batch scritp

Hi everyone, I have implemented a code that allows to create a set of geometry. I want to run this code in Fusion with a batch script. I able tu run Fusion 360 but then when I try to execute the Python scritp I get the an error that says "ModuleNotFoundError". In particular it can't find adsk module. The executable that I use is the python.exe of Fusion360.

When I run the code from Fusion360 without the batch script everything work. 

Is there a way to solve this problem?

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Hi @ione_ianniruberto ,


The only way to run scripts that uses Fusion 360's API, is from Fusion itself.

There is no way you can make it to run from outside, even if you use Fusion 360's python executable.


The solution is to run from Fusion 360.


I hope this could help.


Jorge Jaramillo


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Thanks for your time!

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