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Automate Exporting Parts list from a Drawing

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Automate Exporting Parts list from a Drawing



I've written a script that parses the CSV file you get when you export the parts list from a drawing.

After my script parses CSV, it writes the information to an excel file in our specific format that we use.

I've spent a couple days on this, and it's working perfectly. Now, someone wants me to automate the creation of the parts list from the drawings we have. They want to do this to save time from going through the drawings and manually exporting the parts list.


I've looked through the API and it does not seem possible to do this with a drawing. Am I  wrong?


I assumed this would be something quick and easy. But now it looks like I have to actually parse the assemblies, and create the CSV file myself from the assemblies. I just want some confirmation on this.


Does the API not have any implementation that allows me to get this information from a drawing?


Thank you in advance.


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Unfortunately, that is not currently possible. There is very little drawing functionality exposed through the API. It is possible to execute any command using the API so it's possible to run the "Export CSV" command which will result in the file dialog popping up for the user to specify the output file.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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