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Autodesk Identity Manager runs when Fusion is closed.

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Autodesk Identity Manager runs when Fusion is closed.

Whenever I close fusion, a program "AdskIdentityManager.exe" appears in the running processes in task manager.

The program used ~10% of the CPU when the system is just idling and no Autodesk program is open.


Is this normal?

How do i stop the program from running in the background?

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@amcin3YR3K That program is installed and run when you have multiple Autodesk products and not tied only to Fusion. What are the other Autodesk products you have on your machine? An image of your add/remove programs could help as well. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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I also have Autocad, attached are the programs i have installed.

Is there a way to stop the program from running as it uses a lot of CPU. Why is it needed?


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@amcin3YR3K Fusion by itself does not need a standalone install of Identity. AutoCAD does look up to this for login validations. I have not personally tried this but go to add/remove programs and remove Autodesk Identity. Fusion will still launch and run but not sure about AutoCAD. If you see any issues posting on the AutoCAD forums can get you a much faster answer. 

Rajkumar Ilanchelian
Autodesk Fusion

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Removed the Autodesk identity manager and fusion works but when I open up Autocad it just shows an error about the licensing.
Also, when I check the task manager after closing fusion the same program is running "AdskIdentityManager.exe" even though I had removed it. I ended the task and reopend and closed fusion and the program comes back.
Ill post to the AutoCAD fourms in a bit.
Is there some setting to stop it from running background tasks?
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This -- and other -- background tasks are normal and necessary for Fusion, and most other Autodesk (and other) software. As Raj said above, Fusion does not require the shared centrally installed Identity Manager, but others -- such as AutoCAD -- do. So, you shouldn't uninstall it unless you're sure that any other applications that use it are also uninstalled. For these shared components, they should be automatically uninstalled when the last dependent application has been uninstalled.


A repair install of AutoCAD should reinstall it.



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