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Autodesk Cloud Accelerator II - Call for Proposals ending soon

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Autodesk Cloud Accelerator II - Call for Proposals ending soon

Our second Autodesk Cloud Accelerator will be held at our San Francisco office from June 1st to June 12th. The deadline for submitting proposals has been extended by one week to Sunday April 26th (it was April 19th).


The Autodesk Cloud Accelerator is a two week intensive workshop where you can come and work on your application that incorporates an Autodesk cloud platform API with help and advice from the ADN DevTech team, members of the Autodesk engineering teams, and your fellow Accelerator participants. Now that Fusion 360 has an API, we'd love to include some Fusion 360 applications in the Accelerator.


Please visit to find out more about the Accelerator, including watching some video testimonials from attendees of the first Accelerator held in March, and find out how to submit your proposal at (Basically, your proposal should explain what application you'd like to develop using Autodesk Cloud Platform APIs during the Accelerator).


(If the chance to spend two weeks working in our San Francisco office isn't exciting enough, Autodesk will be providing hotel accommodation for the successful applicants as an additional enticement).


Stephen Preston
Autodesk Developer Network

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