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AsBuiltJoint API does not include angle editing

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AsBuiltJoint API does not include angle editing

I am trying to create a script to move an assembly through a specific range of motion about a certain joint and then run an interference analysis as the bodies move through this path. I made this joints AsBuiltJoint's because they made more sense as I was constructing the assembly. However, I am looking at the API for both the Joint and AsBuiltJoint and the Joint as a property called "angle" where I can change the angle of the joint. However, AsBuiltJoint has no such property. Why is this? It seems odd to me that there is no option in AsBuiltJoint to edit the angle in script when the functionality exists for the Joint. Is there any workaround that I can use for now other than replacing the AsBuiltJoints as Joints? Its a complex assembly and would be a hassle to change all the joints. Thanks!

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Based on your description, I assume the motion of your as-built joint is a revolution joint. From the AsBuiltJoint object, you can use its jointMotion property to get a RevoluteJointMotion object. The RevoluteJointMotion object supports the rotationValue property that you can use to rotate the part.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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