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API Reading and Editing Tool Data from a script

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API Reading and Editing Tool Data from a script


I'm currently working on a script to normalize SFM values across a single cam program. I've got a good chunk of it out of the way but I'm having trouble reading values from the operations parameters for SFM and FPT. I know this has to be possible because the setup sheets also have to read this information, but my attempts to translate that into Python have proven unsuccessful so far, and I'd much rather this work before the post processing, rather than altering the code itself once it's posted.


Would anyone know what variables Cutting Feed and FPT are listed as, and what call I have to make to derive them from Fusion? I'm talking about the callouts like tool.maximumFeed and tool.maximumSpindleSpeed.


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There is very little API support for the CAM functionality in Fusion 360. It's not currently possible to do what you want. I would suggest posting you request on either the Idea Station or the CAM forum so it's more likely that someone from that team will see it since they are also responsible for the API.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Right, so I guess having it put out the information before processing is out of the question then. I'll have to run it through the post itself I suppose, which at least there I know I can get this done. Thanks for the response.

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