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API IdeaStation

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API IdeaStation

looks like there is NO 'API' label at the IdeaStation and also not much interest in improvements on the API so far. Anyways I will share my Ideas with you, if you like it I would appreciate if you could vote for it! Or is it supposed to be that we should post any Ideas in the Fusion 360 API and Scripts Forum?


Fusion 360 seems not be very precise on the 'Nano level' 10.000000XXX mm where 'XXX' is the nano lvl. Cause of that it makes no sense to compare floats with '==' cause then the nano lvl will make a difference in Point3D.isEqualTo().



It would be very helpful if you could also display an errorMessage/warningMessage in the lower right corner and an infoNote also at the same position. Alternative to that the already existing ui.messageBox() method could be supplemented with an additional third parameter which indicates the type of the message (normal, info, error, warning, ...)


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I worked with the support engineer when you first reported a concern about accuracy.  I believe this is a misunderstanding as a result of a bug that I've reported.  The way Fusion saves and computes values is very precise and uses double-precision floating point numbers.  When modeling, many computations are also exact (within what double-precision floating point supports) but there are also cases where there is some approximation and tolerances are used in these cases.  The modeling tolerance is 1e-06 centimeters.  That's the tolerance automatically used when comparing two Point3D objects.


The problem I found that I believe is the source of your concern is a bug when drawing sketch geometry and snapping to the grid.  There's a problem where grid snapping is not correct.


You can display a message in the lower right-hand corner when using a command. The CommandEventArgs which is passed through the execute event supports the executeFailed and executeFailedMessage.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
Mod the Machine blog

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