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API help needed for 3D printing PPE

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API help needed for 3D printing PPE

I have no idea how to use the API/Scripting in Fusion 360 but I was wondering if it was possible to import a list of names from a csv file or spreadsheet and modify a 3D model to put the names in a set place on the model.

I want to take a single model of a 3D printable face shield or ear saver, press a magic api button and automatically have multiple models laid out in a set pattern each with a different name on it for 3D printing.

You can see the sort of thing I'm trying to do here:

Thanks in advance for any help. 🙂

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Hi - that's a cool idea.  It would be very easy to do.  You'd need to be a programmer of course...


It might be less effort to simply paste all the names in with blanks lines between them, then duplicate your model over the names, then extrude all the names at once as a big "cut" ?

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