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API Geometry Template or Code Generator

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API Geometry Template or Code Generator

Fusion 360 is a graphical program for drawing geometry, but with the API you have to type a series of function calls to generate geometry. Typing is fine for simple parts, but isn't the fastest way as the complexity increases. In order to automate you have to trade the best way to create geometry. I'm looking for a way to get the best of both worlds. Maybe a generator that converts geometry into code, which I can insert into an Add-In. Maybe a way to include a component template into an Add-In or Script.


  • Drawing geometry over coding geometry
  • Maintain ability to Include/Exclude Features
  • Maintain ability to name and set Objects, Parameters, Features, and Components
  • Not fill up the User's Project list with templates for a generator Add-In


Is there something like what I'm describing or what is your workflow?

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