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API: Can existing feature options be extended by add-ins?

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API: Can existing feature options be extended by add-ins?



I have been using Fusion360 for a while now, and I could not imagine being without it. However, over time there have been some repetitive tasks or manual sketch constructions which I would like to automate for the future, so I am beginning to learn about Fusion's API.


I've been reading about toolbars, command dialogs and palettes (as best as I could -- is it just me or is the API reference in some disrepair at the moment?), but one question remains for me:


Is it possible to extend "native" feature options with additional items?


For example, I would like to implement a command to construct a 2-tangent+radius circle, which can be made tangent to other circles, not just tangent to lines, and for ideal integration into the existing Fusion UI, I would like this new command to show up alongside the existing circle commands.


Thank you,



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You can create your own command and add a button to execute that command anywhere in the UI.  So, for your specific example about the tangent circle, yes you can do that.  I would call that extending Fusion by adding custom commands. When I first read the title of your message I thought you wanted something else.  Let's say you want to modify the Extrude command by adding some additional behavior.  That's not possible.  You can't modify existing Fusion commands in any way, you can only create new commands.


And you're right about the overview documentation for the user-interface related content.  It's should be updated to reflect the new tabbed ribbon.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Thank you very much for your prompt reply. This sounds very promising.


I would just like to verify that we are talking about the same thing.


As per I know that I can create a command and a button and add it to an existing toolbar panel (and I have successfully tested this). What I am really interested in, is whether or not my custom commands (buttons) can also show up in the "Sketch Palette", where I can switch between related commands/sketch tools. Please see the attached screenshot for clarification.


Thank you.



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