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API call to createDXF2DImportOptions fails on some installations

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API call to createDXF2DImportOptions fails on some installations

Hi Fusion 360,


I have a very strange problem. On some installation of Fusion 360  the call to API function createDXF2DImportOptions fails, returning NULL, apparently without any reason. I made a lot of testing and my code seems correct. The parameters that I pass to the function are correct and my application ( a c++ plug in) normally works.

However I have two installations in which my plug in does not work, with exactly the same binaries.

The functions that fails is

Ptr<DXF2DImportOptions> dxfOptions = importManager->createDXF2DImportOptions(filename, plane);

The version of Fusion 360 is exactly the same, where can be the problem ? Maybe some options ?


thank you in advance




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I don't remember the details, but there are some limitations with the translators supported when running a "personal use" license. I don't remember if the DXF translator is included or not and I don't know if the use of a "personal use" license might apply in your case or not. 

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert

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