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API and Fusion Manage extension

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API and Fusion Manage extension


We are using Fusion and the manage extension. With the manage extension you can generate individual item numbers for parts. But the item number is a attribute of the properties. For making the search for a item number easier, we want the item number to be part of the parts name so for instance:

                  The original partname is "Bracket" and this part has the item number PN-000382 and the Revision B

                  Then i want the Part to be renamed to "PN-000382-A_Bracket".


For now we are doing it manually. But i want to make a Python skript to automise this. It is possible to get the name of a document and to change the name with a skript. But is it possible to get the item number and Revision of a part using a python skript and if so how?


Thanks for the help and best Regards


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Hi @tillman.boenisch .


I thought it could be an Occurrence object, but I could not find any properties that would allow it.
I don't have Manage Extension and can't try it out, so I can't confirm it, but I think it probably doesn't provide the functionality.

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Hi. I tried with occurence but did not find any matching attribute


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Hi @tillman.boenisch ,

I neither have the managed extension, but could you share a copy of a design as an example to try to help you with the solution?

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Screenshot (248).png

This is a screenshot of an example part. In the Properties the attributes Item Number and Revision is listed. But i think this information is lost when i export the document. But if this helps then this would be great. The manage website also has a script area where the processes are managed. There is also a script describing the item number sequence. But i don't want to screw with it.

Screenshot 2023-05-01 221728.png

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Hey @tillman.boenisch, the properties under the General tab in your screen shot are part of Fusion 360 and the items under the Manage tab are part of the Manage extension. Currently I do not believe the API exposes the Fusion 360 Manage Extension, so programmatically changing the part name is probably not possible at the moment. @BrianEkins would know for sure if it is exposed or not. I would also be interested in having the manage extension exposed to the fusion API. 

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