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API about drawing for engineering drawings

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API about drawing for engineering drawings

Hi, there:

I want to generate engineering drawings form a 3D model using Fusion 360 API. It seems that APIs about drawing are too limited to do this job. I have find some posts in this forum years ago about this question, such as this post and this post. As they have mentioned, drawing API is not coming soon. Is there any changes after these years?

I used to use DynaMaker to automate work flow from modeling to generating engineering drawings.

I love Fusion360 so I spent a lot of time to learn about Fusion 360 API and hoping I can also automate the work flow. Will Fusion 360 API about drawings update in the next period?


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Hi @11713013 


I'd like to dive a bit deeper and fully understand your use case and the sort of drawings you are looking to automate. If you're up for it, here is a link to my calendar, please book a Zoom session with me.


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in reply to: ClintBrown3D

Thank you for your inviting!

I have booked a meeting in the calendar via the link you provide. But I do not get the room link. Should I send you a room meeting link?

If so, please send me your email address.

Thank you for your reply! @ClintBrown3D 


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