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Animation of multiple object moves via CSV using python API

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Animation of multiple object moves via CSV using python API



I have generated a csv file with ObjectID,Time,X_Pos,Y_Pos,Z_Pos which tracks the position of multiple objects every 5 seconds.


I have a fusion model with all these Objects positioned at a start position.


I'm trying to find a way to import this csv file into fusion and create the animation of the objects based on this input data. I'm not a great Python user but hoping that I can find some help and also hoping that this is actually possible in Fusion 360 because the application is so easy to do the designing.  

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This is certainly possible and would be a great program to start with to learn Python and the Fusion API.  Here's how I would suggest going about getting started.

  1. Learn how to read the csv file.  Python has a built-in library to help with reading csv files. If you're not familiar with Python at all there is a lot of online learning material. is a good place to start but also using google to search for specific things is very useful.  For example, when search for examples of how to use the csv library you'll find slightly larger programs that demonstrate using more of Python than just that library.
  2. Learn about the assembly structure of Fusion and how to manipulate occurrences in a design.  I presented a paper at Autodesk University several years ago that I've attached.  You can also watch the video of the presentation but it only shows what was on the screen and I used a lot of props so you won't get everything.

Next, it's putting that all together to create the workflow you want.  Good luck.

Brian Ekins
Inventor and Fusion 360 API Expert
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Hi Brian, thats cool. Thanks will try.  


In the interim I ended up managing this trick with Blender but with parts created in Fusion.


Will see if I can get it all in Fusion. Watching an animation with 20,000 objects flying around based on the simulation data is so cool.

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